There are a numerous educators worldwide writing about their experiences with new technologies. Some are theorists, some are practitioners, and some are a combination of both. If you are new to Web 2.0, a good place to begin your understanding is with blogs written by those involved in education. Reading what people are doing at the grassroots level can be inspiring and can help encourage you to dip your feet into the waters of new ways of learning. Some of you may even start contributing to the conversations by leaving comments on people's blogs. This is a great way of establishing connections and helping to cultivate your digital identity.

Blogs to read - here are some suggestions:

Primary school teachers
Nina Davis - Primary school teacher (early years) from Melbourne
Henrietta Miller - Grade 5 teacher from Sydney
Graham Wegner -South Australian Primary School teacher
Jenny Ashby - Primary teacher (early years) from Melbourne. Working with iPod touches in her classrooom
Bill Ferriter - Elementary teacher in North Carolina
Tom Barrett - Primary School teacher from England. Now a Deputy Head Teacher.
Jabiz Raisdana -Teacher at an international school in Jakarta
Clarence Fisher - Teacher from remote Canadian province
Brian Crosby - Elementary teacher from Nevada, USA

High School teachers
Warrick Wynne - Secondary teacher from Melbourne. Likes Bikes too!
Anne Mirtschin - Teaches in a K-12 school in Western Victoria
Richard Byrne - Educator from Maine, United States
Dan Meyer - Former High School Math teacher from the United States now studying for Doctoral degree at Stanford U.
Darren Kuropatwa -Secondary Maths teacher from Canada.
Sean Nash - Science teacher and Ed Tech integrator from the United States
Karl Fisch - Teacher/Ed tech integrator Arapahoe High School, Colorado
Chris Betcher - Ed Tech integrator from Sydney

My blog: Lucacept: intercepting the Web
Tania Sheko - Teacher Librarian (Secondary) writing about new tools and her experiences applying new ideas at her school.
Stacey Taylor - Teacher-Librarian from Sydney
Judith Way - Teacher-Librarian from Melbourne
Carmel Galvin - Teacher-Librarian from Sydney
Doug Johnson - Teacher-librarian from the United States
Judy O'Connell- Teacher-Librarian from NSW. Now lecturing at Charles Sturt University
Joyce Valenza - Teacher-Librarian from the United States
Gwyneth Jones - Teacher-Librarian from the United States
Buffy Hamilton - Teacher-Librarian from the United States

Art Teachers
Livebinder of favourite Art Lesson blogs
Dave Gran - Art teacher from Shanghai American School
Nancy L.Ruder - Art teacher from the United States
Jess Melkman - Art teacher from NSW
Art Threat-culture and politics
Jeanette Jennings - Art teacher from Melbourne
Errin Gregory - Canadian Art teacher- now working as a Connected classrooms teacher
Ms. Tolson - Art teacher from the United States
Frank Curkovic - Art teacher from Yokahama International School Japan

PE Teachers
Jarrod Robinson - Secondary PE teacher from Victoria

Lote Teachers

Principals/Deputy Principals
Elaine Talbert - Principal from NSW
Darcy Moore - Deputy Principal (Primary School) in NSW
Chris Lehmann - Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

Ed Tech Integrators
Jeff Utecht - High School Ed Tech inegrator at International School Bangkok
Kim Cofino - Technology and Learning Coach at Yokohama International School in Japan
Julie Lindsay - Ed Tech integrator at an international school in Beijing
Chris Betcher - Ed Tech integrator from Sydney
Silvia Tolisano - Ed Tech integrator from the United States

Other blogs worth reading
Angela Stockman - Literacy coach from West New York.
Sue Waters- Educator from Perth. Employed by Edublogs to help bloggers (and she does!)
Sheryl Nussbaum Beach - Speaker on all things Web 2.0 and learning communities. Co-founder of PLP
Danah Boyd - Researcher at Microsoft New England
Tomas Lasic - Teacher (Secondary) from Perth. Now working for Moodle.
Jo McLeay -Project Officer for VITTA h
Dean Groom -Head of Ed Tech at Macquarie University
John Connell - Cisco Educational strategist
Alec Couras - Instructor at University of Regina, Canada
Will Richardson - Speaker on all things Web 2.0. Co-founder of PLP