Forming a Personal Learning Network for Professional Learning

Do you need a Personal Network? Can you get by accessing your knowledge the traditional way? You can, but my experience tells me that if you want to be at the forefront of current thinking, then the formation of a PLN is essential. Maybe you need one connected Teacher-Librarian or Teacher in every school who is given the time to network and 'find the good stuff' so they can disseminate it amongst staff and enable learning for all.

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Getting started with Web 2.0

Recommended blogs to consider reading

Creating a PLN wiki - Scott Meech and Judith Epcke

The What, Why and How of Twitter

Twitter page I have created, with access to many resources to assist you with your understanding of how Twitter works and why you'd want to use it.

Australian Teachers to follow on Twitter

Jenny Luca @jennyluca
Corrie Barclay @CorrieB
Rich Lambert @richielambert
Hamish Curry @hamishcurry
Clare Rafferty @craff2008
Britt Gow @brittgow
Jenny Ashby @jjash
Warrick Wynne @warrick_w
Bianca Hewes @BiancaH80
Judith Way @judithway
Kim Yeomans @kimyeo
Alice Leung @aliceleung
Anne Mirtschin @murcha
Jess McCulloch @jessmcculloch
Miffy Farquharson @MiffyFO2
Mike Wheadon @mikewh
Chris Betcher @betchaboy
Darcy Moore @darcy1968
Tania Sheko @taniatorikova
John Pearce @mrpbps
Cameron Paterson @cpaterso
Tom Lee @motik
Stacey Taylor @staceyt
Leanne Windsor @librareanne
Judy O'Connell @heyjudeonline
Dean Groom @vormamim
Penny Bentley @penpln
Sue Waters @suewaters
Paul Luke @pluke17
Pam Thompson @pam_thompson
Henrietta Miller @henriettaMi
Ben Jones@benpaddlejones
Roland Gesthuizen @rgesthuizen
Graham Wegner @grahamwegner
Tony Richards @itmadesimple
Adam Brice @adambrice
Amanda Marrinam @marragem
Adele Brice @adelebrice
Andrew Williamson @willie42
Steve Collis @Steve_Collis
Malyn Mawby @malynmawby
Edna Sackson @whatedsaid
Kath Morris @kathleen_morris

School Librarians who Tweet Go here for an extensive list of links to Teacher-librarians on Twitter

Why teachers should try Twitter ASCD Educational Leadership article written by Bill Ferriter (a Twitter friend of mine!)

School Library Websites - a very useful wiki with tonnes of resources to support you in your professional learning.

Google Reader - instructions are here to help you set up RSS feeds using a Google Reader.