June 24, 2010: ReInventing the Media Center

Session Description:

Working as a Teacher-Librarian has always had it challenges, but today, maybe more than ever, there is a need to respond to the changing nature of the world we are living in. Communication mediums have changed; this represents opportunities for Teacher-Librarians to rethink their role in their school and rethink the traditional Library, both the space and delivery of information.

This is a half day workshop exploring what you need to to do for yourself, and for your school, to ensure you are at the forefront of current thinking about the role of the Teacher-Librarian in today's schools.

Topics to be covered:

How do you become a change agent in your school?
How can we deliver information using new tools?
What is the future of books in a digital age?

Library Spaces - how are they changing?
Forming a Personal Learning Network for Professional Learning