Overview - why is new media important for teaching and learning?

Where do you fit?

  • The Never-Betters believe that we’re on the brink of a new utopia, where information will be free and democratic, news will be made from the bottom up, love will reign, and cookies will bake themselves.

  • The Better-Nevers think that we would have been better off if the whole thing had never happened, that the world that is coming to an end is superior to the one that is taking its place, and that, at a minimum, books and magazines create private space for minds in ways that twenty-second bursts of information don’t.

  • The Ever-Wasers insist that at any moment in modernity something like this is going on, and that a new way of organizing data and connecting users is always thrilling to some and chilling to others—that something like this is going on is exactly what makes it a modern moment.

  • How the Internet gets inside us, by Adam Gopnik The New Yorker, February 14th 2011.

"Embracing disruption for a better learning future
Lord David Puttnam of Queensgate spent thirty years as an independent film producer with many award winning films including Chariots of Fire, Bugsy Malone, Midnight Express and the Memphis Belle. Retiring from film production in 1998 he has focused his work in education and the environment.
In this inspiring talk Lord Puttnam discusses the future of the creative and digital industries, the importance of ensuring our learners are equipped for this future and makes a call to action for a positive new disruption that leads to radically improved learning and global access." Learning Without Frontiers - Lord David Puttnam talk.

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