Powerful Learning Practice - PLP

A model developed by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson. The international cohort comprised of schools from the United States and Australia is currently operating as a pilot program. We are looking to form a cohort comprised of 20 Australian schools in the coming year. For information and details contact Jenny Luca at jenny.luca1@gmail.com

International Cohort for PLP
International Cohort for PLP

A Unique Plan to Move Our Professional Practice Forward

Powerful Learning Practice offers a unique opportunity for educators to participate in a long-term, job-embedded professional development program that immerses them in 21st Century learning environments. The PLP model is currently enabling hundreds of educators around the country to experience the transformative potential of social Web tools to build global learning communities and re-envision their own personal learning practice.
PLP’s learning cohorts are led by internationally recognized voices and practitioners in the field of educational technology. Based on a highly successful Microsoft grant-funded pilot carried out in Alabama over the last four years, the cohort model uses a blend of face to face and online curriculum to connect small teams of educators from forward thinking schools and grows those connections over the course of a school year. Finally, it prepares schools and districts to move forward in systemic ways after the one-year commitment ends by laying the groundwork for three and five-year community building project plans.